2026 World Cup: Sébastien Migné’s pre-list sows doubts about Haiti’s participation in the World Cup

By: Peterson Pierre-Louis

The Haitian Football Federation (FHF) through social networks communicated the prelist of 31 players6 pre-summoned for the first two matches of the Grenadiers in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. A list which creates controversy.

This Saturday, May 11, very late in the evening. ; The supreme body of Haitian football has communicated the first pre-list to face Saint Lucia on June 6 and Barbados on June 9. This list raises questions and sows doubts about the work of the national coach and even about the qualification of Haiti.

Where does this doubt come from?

This doubt comes from the Haitian press and fans. But we don’t notice anything about the leaders since they are all silent.
For more than one, the list is just initialed by Sébastien Migné but it is a list imposed by the leaders with more than 50% amateur players. Footballers who play in the French third division and are relegated to D4.

The case of senior journalist, Kesnol Lamour on the sports program on Monday May 13 at 3 a.m. on Radio Television Caraibes completely showed his disagreement with this dubious list. Worst of all, the FHF and Migné summoned a player who plays at university.

Kesnol Lamour, the sports press in large part and all the fans totally show their disagreements with this list. The standardization committee never presented its project for the 2026 World Cup. Even through the magic of technology (zoom) they never presented Sébastien Migné to the press. The management of the national team is almost zero with people who do not know their role well.

On the other hand, the list has five (5) players who play in the special national championship. When did Sébastien Migné analyze these players? By what means ? Are there hidden hands behind this manipulative propaganda?

The reason. We are well aware of the situation in the country and will not allow any player playing in Haiti on an administrative level to join the Grenadiers camp.

During the next list, we demand that the coach makes his decision to communicate it through a video in order to remove doubts hovering over the leaders.

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