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4 simple tips to use to combat daily stress

  • May 15, 2024
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In France, 95% of people questioned, by an IFOP survey in March 2022, would be stressed or anxious. At work, in personal life, in transport or in stores, many situations can cause a stress uncontrollable. If it seems innocuous, the chronic stress can, however, have serious consequences on health: cardiovascular diseases, digestive diseases such as stomach ulcers, dermatological disorders, depression, addictive behaviors but also weaken the immune system in general. To avoid these stressful situations, neurologist Olivier Sillam, aka @drolivier_sillam on his social networks, gave 4 tips to easily implement on a daily basis.

Stress, anxiety: here are the 4 recommendations from a neurologist to implement in your daily life

Not being stressed is beneficial for well-being and health. In his TikTok video, the neurologist details the 4 simple techniques he recommends to his patients to reduce their stress daily.

Cardiac coherence to ease stress easily

The expert highlights the potential of cardiac coherence to relieve stress easily and effectively. “The principle is quite simple, we will use breathing to try to synchronize our breathing, our heart and our brain”, he explains. But what does this technique consist of? ? “In practice, you have to breathe for 5 seconds then exhale for 5 seconds, all for around 3 minutes minimum”, explains Olivier Sillam. To make the most of the benefits of cardiac coherence, he recommends practicing it 2 to 3 times a day, in the morning, in the evening, and possibly in the afternoon, to see your stress levels decrease. According to him, “the effect felt is almost immediate and it will accumulate over the days to reach a maximum around 15 days”. For the neurologist, this technique works in all cases, and it is simple to test, because you just need to follow your breathing. To do this better, he recommends using a visual guide, available on social networks.

Regular physical activity: dynamic and relaxing activities

To accompany this relaxation technique, Olivier Sillam recommends practice regular physical activity. Indeed, sport allows you to exercise and clear your head, while remaining in physical shape. “I recommend that patients do regular physical activity, it is really very important, because sport, for different reasons, will really reduce stress levels.”, explains the expert. He recommends doing sports 2 to 3 times a week, focusing on activities that get your heart pumping. He adds that “besides that, we can add slightly relaxing activitiesyou yoga, tai chiso-called psycho-corporeal activities”.

A varied and balanced diet

Diet is a crucial lever for staying in good physical and mental health, which is why the doctor advises us not to neglect it when we feel stressed. “A varied diet is also essentialyou must ensure that you have a good intake of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, magnesium in particular”, he recalls. To limit stress, it is therefore essential to adopt A balanced dietin order to benefit from all the nutrients necessary for good health.

Help from a professional to get help

If relaxation and healthy lifestyle techniques do not work to control stress, the neurologist advises turn to a professional for help. “When stress levels are too high, I recommend getting help from a therapist, this can be depending on our affinities, a psychologist, an acupuncturist, or someone who practices hypnosis”, he explains. Regardless of the professional chosen, Olivier Sillam insists on the importance of not being alone with your stress.

Stress management: is meditation a good solution?

And meditation is a well-known relaxation method for stress management, the neurologist does not automatically recommend it to all people with anxiety. “Even though I praise the merits of meditation, it is not the technique that I first suggest to my patients who suffer from stress, because it is not that easy to get started, it takes good will, find a conducive framework, then you can often have the impression of not succeeding at the beginning, which can sometimes paradoxically worsen stress”, he explains.


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♬ son original – DrOlivier_Sillam

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