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Diet has a direct impact on blood sugar levels. This is why some people with diabetes forbid themselves from certain foods. Find out which ones.

Each food group has its function

To be healthy, you have to eat a little bit of everything. This is what nutrition professionals generally say. Thus, each food group has a very specific function.

For example :

  • Starchy foods, cereal products and dried vegetables are a source of carbohydrates. They also contain fiber and vitamins;
  • The vegetables provide minerals and fiber;
  • Fresh fruit contain carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Dried fruits are rich in carbohydrates, minerals and fiber;
  • Dairy products are an important source of calcium;
  • THE oilseedcontain a lot of unsaturated fats but also minerals and fiber;
  • Meat, fish, eggs are the main sources of protein;
  • The fish provide essential fatty acids.

We must not neglect fats or lipids which are important sources of energy. The body uses it to function properly.

Diabetes: foods to watch out for

Diabetes affects the way the body handles glucose. So, either the body does not produce enough insulin, this is type 1 diabetes. Or it cannot use it effectively: this is type 2 diabetes.

These situations lead to very high blood glucose levels, which in the long term can lead to health problems.

It is for this reason that we often think that diabetics are “deprived” of certain foods, to avoid health problems.

Yet, “no food is strictly prohibited: but some (sweet products) should be limited because of their hyperglycemic effect” indicates the French Federation of Diabetics.

Therefore, it is preferable to avoid consuming:

  • Very sweet drinks such as sodas, industrial fruit juices or energy drinks;
  • Processed foods high in carbohydrates like baked goods;
  • Saturated trans fats which are found in les fast food ;
  • The alcohol. Moderate consumption may be acceptable, but it has a direct impact on blood sugar levels. It is important to be vigilant;
  • Very sweet products like candies, ice creams, industrial cakes.

Then, the best is to cook as often as possible from fresh, minimally processed foods. Don’t hesitate to vary your foods.

You will be able to continue to eat normally while enjoying yourself.

Florine Cauchie

Health journalist

April 2, 2024, at 10:47 a.m.

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