A catastrophic first season for Watz-Landy Leazard in Vietnam

By: Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

_Watz-Landy Leazard’s difficult journey continues as the Vietnamese club to which he belongs is demoted to D2, with four more days to play. Former member of Real Hope FA, Leazard faced a tumultuous season, marked by only two (2) victories, four (4) draws and sixteen (16) defeats. This series of disappointing results only allowed the club to collect ten (10) points out of sixty-six (66) possible._

A mediocre season for the team

The drop to the second division comes as a blow to Leazard and his team, who have struggled to maintain their status in Vietnam’s elite. Despite their efforts, the season was characterized by performances below expectations, leaving the struggling team at the bottom of the standings. Supporters and observers are wondering about the reasons for this unexpected decline.

Leazard looking for solutions

For Leazard, this demotion represents a personal challenge. As a key player on the team, he finds himself faced with the need to find solutions to help his team get back on its feet. Leazard will need to draw on his experience and talent to motivate his teammates and find a path to success in Vietnam’s second division.

The fight for a return to the elite

Despite the disappointment of relegation, Leazard and his team remain determined to return to the highest level. With a new season looming on the horizon, they are ready to take on the challenge and do everything they can to regain their place in the elite of Vietnamese football. The road to promotion looks set to be tough, but Leazard and his team are ready to fight for their return to the top.