A glance at the Haitians affected and drowned by the rain of relegation in Europe

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

The European football season has been a real emotional rollercoaster for many Haitian footballers who have had to face a multitude of challenges, both on and off the field. Between the fight for survival and the disillusionment of relegation, here is a dive into the ups and downs of these players during this eventful season.

Maintenance Playoffs and Relegations:

Danley Jean-Jacques is in the middle of a fight with FC Metz to avoid relegation in French Ligue 2, a fierce battle where every match counts in the fight for survival. With one game remaining, the hope of being directly out of the red zone is minimal for the Garnets.

On their side, Dany Jean, Martin Expérience, Leverton Pierre and Bryan Labissiere were faced with the harsh reality of relegation to National 2, France’s fourth division, a fall that calls into question their future in professional football.

But that’s not all, Louicius Don Deedson Vixamar are struggling in the Danish D1 play-offs, where the pressure is at fever pitch, with every minute of play crucial to their team’s future in the top flight.

Disappointments and close relegations:

Mehdi Dorval and Christopher Attys suffered the disappointment of relegation to Italian D3, a setback difficult to absorb for these two French footballers of Haitian origin, who will have to redouble their efforts to bounce back.

For his part, Hannes Delcroix experienced the disillusionment of relegation to English D2, an unexpected fall for this Belgian player of Haitian origin, who will have to draw on his inner strength to get back up. We hope that this team under the leadership of Vincent Kompany returns to the Premier League next season.

Although he did not play much this season due to injury, Djimmy-Bend Alexis said Kolé is also punished by the cyclone of relegation which falls on Haitian expatriates in Europe, since Hapoel Petah Tikvah is relegated to Israeli D2. It is the same for the former Haitian goalkeeper of PSG Garisonne Innocent who will play in Belgian D2 next season.

The Haitian star Duckens Nazon who started the season with CSKA Sofia are also close to relegation on Turkish soil and only positive results can contribute to maintaining their position.

Determinations and Hopes:

Meanwhile, Kevin Lafrance, Carlens Arcus, Carnejy Antoine and Bryan Alceus have already faced relegation to Cypriot D3, Dutch D2, Portuguese D3 and Cypriot D2. For them, this season has been a test of resilience and determination as they look to bounce back and rebuild.

As for Stephane Lambese, he is currently playing in the playoffs to maintain Bulgarian D1, with the hope of saving his team and continuing to pursue his dreams in professional football.

Despite the challenges encountered, these Haitian footballers demonstrate remarkable mental strength and determination. Their journey this season is a true lesson in courage and perseverance, showing that even in the toughest adversity, hope and will can be the drivers of future success.

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