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A new studio album soon for Fatima Altieri with a mysterious P

  • March 22, 2024
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Haitian artist Fatima Altieri announced on her Facebook page on March 20 the release of her next studio album. The name has not yet been released. She suggests that the first letter of the title would be “P” by launching a challenge to her fans to reveal the full title.

On her official Facebook page, this Wednesday, March 20, the voice of “Dodo” sowed excitement among her fans by sharing a photo of herself and revealing only the initial letter of the title of her upcoming new opus.

This sudden announcement triggered immediate and passionate reactions, with speculation. The members of #Fateam took part in the game by trying to guess the title. “Passion”, “Papillon”, “Poudre”… are all titles that have been proposed.

Fatima Altieri, showing creativity and innovation in the music industry, remains silent for the moment on the details of this new project, letting the suspense increase on the side of her fans. Indeed, neither release date nor official title have been communicated until now.

With the announcement of the imminent release of this new album, Fatima certainly marks her big return to the music scene. While waiting for the official title to be revealed, fans continue to share their speculations and excitement on social media, preparing for something grand and ready to once again appreciate their singer’s achievements.

Source : Celebrity Magazine



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