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A trough at altitude causing bad weather in Hati

  • May 22, 2024
  • 3 Min
  • 13

A trough at altitude causing bad weather in Haiti

Alert for incessant rain in Port-au-Prince and the rest of the country due to a trough at altitude

Since this Wednesday morning, a worrying weather situation has affected Port-au-Prince as well as several other regions of Haiti. Incessant rains are falling on the country, particularly affecting the departments of West, South, Grand-Anse, Nippes and North. These continuous showers, although not associated with a cyclone, are caused by a trough at altitude. This situation was confirmed by Chrisnette Saint-Georges of theHaiti Hydrometeorological Unit (UHM) on their Facebook page.

According to Chrisnette Saint-Georges, the current meteorological phenomenon is not linked to a cyclone, but to a trough at altitude, an atmospheric depression which favors the accumulation of clouds and prolonged precipitation. This weather condition is conducive to heavy downpours which can last for several days, increasing the risk of flooding and landslides in affected areas.

Faced with this situation, Chrisnette Saint-Georges launched a call for vigilance to the entire population. She strongly recommends taking the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Among the recommended measures, it is important to keep informed of weather reports, limit non-essential travel and prepare evacuation plans in the event of rapid rise in water levels.

The forecast for Thursday and Friday: The weather will remain dominated by the upper trough and the surface trough. As a result, sometimes stormy rain showers are still expected in the country, particularly in the aforementioned departments in the afternoon and evening, the Haiti hydrometeorological unit indicated on its website.

Note that the upper trough is an elongated area of ​​relatively low atmospheric pressure in the upper atmosphere, often associated with cool weather and prone to showers.

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