Adelson Belizaire delivers Baltimore SC’s first victory and first goal in this special national championship!

Pair Ken-Rick Ferdinand Joseph

Since the resumption of this special national championship, Baltimore de Saint-Marc has struggled to score goals, with 0 goals scored in 3 matches. Adelson Belizaire ended this drought period by overthrowing Cosmopolites SC to the bare minimum 1-0.

For this 4th day of the Special National Championship, Cosmopolites SC hosts Baltimore SC at Levelt Park in Saint-Marc. In a half-filled park, Le Cosmopolite wants to regain the lead in the ranking. With shimmering football, the Grays had a very good first period, but Peter Germain’s protégés remain determined to divert Rolph Edson Joseph’s plans. The half ends with a score of 0-0.

The second period starts with a bang in an atmosphere of madness where the two teams launch attacks to try to break the deadlock. Indeed, it was until the 64th minute of play that, in a brilliant action, the young Haitian international under 20, Adelson Belizaire (Avèg) made an interesting foray before scoring a powerful cross shot at the far post, thus deceiving the last rampart of the Cosmopolites. 1-0 for the 4 X4s.

However, Cosmopolites SC tried to come back without success, leaving behind a lot of space where the Flamengo and Black attackers were unable to take advantage. The match ended at the bare minimum 1-0. Baltimore joins triumphant AC at the top of the standings in Group B.