After Shwendesky, another sacred grenadier in Europe

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

In the world of Haitian women’s football, a new page of history was written as Chelsea Surpris wrote its name in golden letters by winning a European D1. Succeeding Joseph Shwendesky, who had previously conquered the Russian D1 with Zenit Saint Petersburg, Surprise shone with the women’s section of Apollon Limassol by winning the coveted Cypriot D1 title.

His remarkable journey was the result of hard work and unwavering dedication on the field. As a Haitian international, Surpris was able to carry the colors of her country high, demonstrating exceptional talent and unwavering determination in every match.

Surpris’ victory with Apollon Limassol also opens the way for a new generation of Haitian players, including Melchie Daëlle Dumornay, who is in pole position to win the French D1. This remarkable success underlines the rise of Haitian women’s football on the European scene and testifies to the incredible talent and determination of Haitian players to conquer new horizons.

As Chelsea Surpris celebrates its historic victory, the eyes of the world of women’s football are on the promising future of the sport in Haiti. With talents like Surpris and Dumornay leading the way, Haitian women’s football continues to rise to new heights, ready to make its indelible mark on the international stage.