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All for God, un album gospel de Shedly Abraham

  • March 26, 2024
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A new studio album in the repertoire of artist Shedly Abraham. Published on March 25, 2024, this new project includes 14 titles and mentions a host of collaborations.

This recent project by the musician is full of a multitude of artists from the Haitian cultural sector. In terms of the fourteen pieces, we find quite a few voices already known in the Haitian music industry.

Shedly is sometimes accompanied by one voice, sometimes by two on a track. With the exception of “La m ap rete” one of the titles of the album, there are four other voices including Nickenson Prud’homme apart from that of the album’s title. Also on the song “Louanj pou Bondie”, there are around ten collaborators including Shabba, K-dikak, Palmyre Séraphin and others.

This recent project by the maestro is already available on all his streaming platforms and among the fourteen sounds, there is already a video available. That of “Our Father” where the voices of Phylissia Ross and Anthony Drew are engraved. A teaser is also released. This time, it’s for the song “Kenbe m” with Anie Alerte and Armstrong Jeune.

Source : Celebrity Magazine

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