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American YouTuber YourFellowArab released from custody following rental dispute

  • April 2, 2024
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The American YouTuber was released after reaching a deal with the dealer of the rented vehicle left in the hands of the gangs

Le Youtuber YourFellowArab will be able to return to the United States after being “kidnapped”, insulted our country on social networks and spending a few hours in police custody.

Indeed, the Internet user who specializes in interviews with gang leaders was going to Delmas to interview one of them when a team of armed men allegedly kidnapped him for ransom.

Following a “release” as rapid as incredible for any Haitian knowing the conditions of kidnapping in Haiti, the influencer found himself in the sights of justice for not having returned the vehicle rented for his travels.

Very quickly images leaked showing the columnist in police custody expressing his disgust towards our country while calling it all the names. A video very quickly deleted by the author but the internet has a very good memory, the content has already been shared millions of times like the declaration of President Donald Trump who himself tried the same exercise.

YourFellowArab is therefore free to return home (very quickly) after having reached an agreement with the owner of the vehicle and we hope, will present a genuine apology to the agents of the order and to the Haitian people who nowadays would happily do without of this type of destructive advertising.

Le Youtuber américain YourFellowArab relâché de sa garde à vue suite à un litige de location

Photo: Instagram/ARAB

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