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Are vitamin gummies really effective?

  • May 12, 2024
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The food supplement market is booming. The new star of these shelves seems to be vitamin candies, also called gummies. What are they really worth? We tell you everything.

Vitamin candies: what for?

You’ve probably already come across them in pharmacies: vitamin candies are becoming more and more popular.

Also called “ gummies » these candies promise to replace food supplements. Thus, their role and benefits are varied.

They would facilitate sleep, contribute to hair growth, maintain the beauty of the skin, provide a boost of energy, help with weight loss, strengthen the immune system, fight against the stress…

In short, great promises that could make our lives easier. But, are these candies really effective?

A difficult product to manufacture

Sellers advise consuming these vitamin candies during certain periods such as seasonal changes or for intensive sports practice or during stressful exams.

According to the president of ConsumerLab.com, a private company that conducts safety and quality testing of consumer products, “it is much more difficult to make a good piece of candy than to make a tablet or capsule” food supplement.

So, after testing them, the company found that four out of five products contained more or fewer ingredients than the quantities indicated on the packaging.

In conclusion : Vitamin gummies were the type of dietary supplement most likely to fail analytical tests.

Candy manufacturers seem to have difficulty controlling the amount of vitamins and nutrients in each candy.

So, some people spray it on the finished product to be sure to provide the quantity indicated on the packaging. This can be a concern: excessive intake of nutrients and vitamins can lead to health problems.

In addition, some experts are concerned about the sugar content in each candy (around 1.8g).

Over supplements, health professionals seem to prefer nutrients and benefits that come directly from food. Additionally, most supplements are not tested for safety or effectiveness.

Instead of vitamin sweets, you should opt for a good home-cooked meal, which seems more effective for your health.

Florine Cauchie

Health journalist

May 12, 2024, at 06:10

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