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Armed bandits attack the Gressier police station and take control of the city

  • May 11, 2024
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Late in the evening of Friday May 10, 2024, the heavily armed “Vivre Ensemble” bandits stormed the Gressier police station. The bandits, members of the Bougòy de Gran Ravin gang, who control the Mariani area are therefore expanding their territory. Last night, the town of Gressier was their main target. They attacked with automatic weapons and looted the police station before setting fire to the vehicles parked there. There would have been no response from the police officers on duty during the attack. And no policeman who went up there the guard came out injured. They would have simply abandoned the police station. According to witnesses, the thugs also attacked a school and the town hall.

Since yesterday evening and throughout the morning of Saturday May 11, residents have been fleeing their homes to escape this violence, thus increasing the number of displaced people in the country.

For the moment, after Mariani, it is the town of Gressier which falls under the control of the Vivre Ensemble gangs.

This attack on the Gressier police station comes at a time when the multinational mission is preparing to set foot on Haitian soil. Since last week, military planes have been landing almost daily at Toussaint Louverture airport, unloading equipment and technicians to prepare for the arrival of the Kenyan contingent at the end of May.
Yesterday, under pressure from the bandits of “Living Together” several thousand people from the third district took to the streets to say no to the arrival of foreign troops whose main mission is to dismantle armed gangs. A day before, the same situation had occurred at the bottom of Delmas.

Concerning the attack on the Gressier police station, the national police have still not reacted. Several dozen police installations were attacked and looted by bandits. These police infrastructures are left in the hands of armed gangs by a totally overwhelmed police high command.

By Gazette Haiti News

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Gazette Haiti