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Armed gangs gain power, take control of general hospital

  • April 2, 2024
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Port-au-Prince is taken or almost. Indeed, armed bandits are increasing the number of bloody attacks against the population who live there. Their main target: the national palace. On Monday, April 1, 2024, thugs took control of the Hospital of the State University of Haiti (HUEH), commonly called the general hospital.

From now on, the lives of patients are in the hands of armed men who do not intend to stop their abuses. The hospital serves as a hideout for armed gangs, who swear by taking the Presidential Palace.

Still on the same day, Monday, April 1, they stormed the Petit Séminaire Collège Saint Martiel, an almost bicentennial school. They took over the space, ransacked the library and the computer room.

How far do the bandits plan to go in their abuses? How long will the agents who secure the National Palace be able to hold out against the bosses? Questions that remain unanswered, in the face of an international community which clearly does not want to help Haiti emerge from chaos.

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