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Armed violence:HIVAMO calls a truce on the gangs and opts for an end to the Haitian crisis

  • March 26, 2024
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The leaders of the socio-political structure called “Vision Haiti and for the World (VIHAMO)” express their serious concerns about the political and security crises plaguing the country. In search of useful alternatives, the Honorary President of HIVAMO, Pastor Maxo Joseph, asks armed civilians to observe a truce to facilitate exchanges for a Haitian-style exit from the crisis.

THE HAITI FACTOR, March 26, 2024._The armed violence which is devastating Haiti, more precisely Port-au-Prince, does not leave the leaders of the organization called “Vision Haiti and for the World (VIHAMO)” without reactions.

During a press conference given on Monday March 25, 2024, the religious leader of this structure, Pastor Maxo Joseph attacked the United States which only ensures the security of its interests in Haiti, while the country is in blood and fire.

The former presidential candidate takes as an example the process of evacuating American nationals stuck in Haiti because of the crisis, while Haitians are made to believe that activities at Toussaint International Airport are paralyzed. .

Reverend Pasteur also expresses his indignation and frustration that Haitian actors are struggling to find a solution to the unprecedented crises engulfing the country.

Based on this observation, he advocates a Haitian-style way out of the crisis instead of authorizing CARICOM to decide on behalf of the Haitian people through the formation of a Presidential Council of 7 members.

Commenting on the security situation in the country, Pastor Maxo Joseph asks armed civilians to make a truce in order to create a humanitarian corridor during the Easter holiday. And this, he says, to facilitate the circulation of basic necessities across the country.

Through this initiative, the Man of God also says he hopes that the scenes of vandalism, breakage, looting and fire will stop in the country, particularly in the Capital.


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