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Arrest of a vad from prison by the South-East Police

  • April 2, 2024
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South East Police have arrested a prison escapee.

The Haitian National Police informed through a note that Jean Louis Wilgert, aged 32, a prison escapee, was apprehended on Friday March 29, 2024 by the South-East Police, in the Marbial district.

“At the time of his hearing, he admitted to having escaped from prison during the attacks perpetrated against the National Penitentiary by heavily armed bandits, on the evening of Saturday March 2, 2024” we read in this note.

Still at the time of his hearing, Jean Louis Wilgert specified that after his escape, he took refuge in Village de Dieu before going to Jacmel to settle in Marbial, a district located in the commune of Jacmel.

The police institution highlighted in its note that Jean Louis Wilgert was incarcerated at the National Penitentiary on June 17, 2018, for rape of a minor.

Arrestation d'un évadé de prison par la Police du Sud-Est

Photo: PNH / Facebook

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