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Assassination of American couple in Haiti: The United States negotiated with gang leaders to recover the bodies

  • May 31, 2024
  • 6 Min
  • 14

Exchanges between gang leader Vitelhomme Innocent and a CNN journalist / © CNN

Armed bandits murdered on the evening of Thursday May 23, 2024, at Lizon 39, in the Plaine du cul-de-sac, an American couple whose names are Natalie and Davy Lloyd. They were killed during an attack on the “Bon espwa” orphanage. To recover the partially charred corpses in order to transport them to American land, the United States, according to “CNN” had to negotiate with several gang leaders including Vitelhomme Innocent, while the latter is wanted by the FBI, according to reported information.

THE HAITI FACTOR, May 31, 2024._The American channel “CNN” has lifted the veil on the steps taken by the American administration which resulted in the recovery of the bodies of Natalie and Davy Lloyd, two American missionaries killed by armed bandits in Haiti.

According to the media, citing a source from Haiti, the American authorities were forced to go to the place where the bodies of the two young people were abandoned. They couldn’t do it because all the roads are barricaded by gang members operating in the Plaine du cul-de-sac. To reach the location and leave with the inert bodies, the United States negotiated with several gangs.

Vitelhomme Innocent, chef de file du gang « Break barriers “, not involved in the assassination of Natalie and Davy Lloyd, served as an intermediary in the negotiations via a telephone call and claimed responsibility for the bodies of the two Americans, according to his testimony to “CNN”

Fb Img 1717125177538
Gang leader Vitelhomme Innocent helped the United States recover the bodies of the American couple killed in Haiti © CNN

« Following the call, I did everything in my power to communicate with those controlling the area to gain access and recover their bodies. “, declared the boss to “CNN”.

Ended the negotiations between the American authorities and the Haitian gangs, the emergency vehicles were quickly authorized to continue their route towards the charred site where they found the three bodies, we read in the columns of the American television channel .

While he is actively sought and there is a price on his head, i.e. 2 million dollars by the FBI for crimes linked to kidnappings and assassinations, particularly of American citizens, Vitelhomme Innocent recently received a visit from a delegation from “CNN” as part of a series of interviews.

Fb Img 1717125595816
A CNN delegation landed at the stronghold of Vitelhomme Innocent © CNN

According to information published by the media, the remains of the murdered couple were transported to the United States on Thursday, May 30, 2024 through the first round-trip American commercial flight to Haiti in approximately 3 months.

They were accompanied on the flight by US Ambassador to Haiti Dennis Hankins and US security agents, according to a source familiar with the operation. After flying from Haiti to Miami, they will be sent to their families, writes CNN, citing family sources.

Fb Img 1716569193532
The American couple killed in Haiti © Google

« This morning (Thursday), the remains of Davy and Natalie Lloyd took off safely on a flight back to the United States. There will be a series of stops and they will reach Neosho, Missouri, tomorrow afternoon safely “, according to a statement posted by their families on Natalie’s father’s X account, Missouri State Rep. Ben Baker, requesting privacy during the transfer.


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