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At least 4 bodies found in an abandoned house in Ption-ville

  • April 1, 2024
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At least 4 lifeless bodies found this Monday in an abandoned house in Pétion-ville.

The Juno7 editorial staff learned that at least four bodies were found this Monday, April 1 in the town of Pétion-ville, more precisely between Villate and Metellus streets, near Extra Market. No details on the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

According to initial information, four young boys were shot and killed by unidentified armed individuals. No details on the exact circumstances of their death.

The corpses as we mentioned above were found in an abandoned house. The identity of those killed by gunfire is still unknown.

For several days, the commune of Pétion-ville has recorded several cases of murder or assassination. Every morning, lifeless bodies are found in several streets. A situation which has worried the population of Petionville since the outbreak of scenes of violence orchestrated by armed gangs.

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