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Back pain: here are two pulls that relieve pain according to a physiotherapist

  • June 11, 2024
  • 4 Min
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“I have Back ache”. Who hasn’t heard or said this phrase before? Whether due to a false movement, a sedentary lifestyle (staying in front of your computer for a long time for example) or even poor bedding, the causes of back pain are multiple. But what to do if you suffer from it? On the social network Instagram, Lisa, physiotherapist, known under the pseudonym @lisakine_shared two stretches you should know to relieve back pain.

The physiotherapist is used to sharing advice on social networks with her community of more than 92,000 subscribers. Recently, she delivered two simple gestures to soothe neck painor even a simple routine to soothe tension in the neck. This time, she shares two stretching exercises “a little too understated”, to practice to relieve back pain.

Back pain: stretching exercises from a physiotherapist

To perform these stretching exercises, you must first have a floor mat, a yoga mat, or, if you are not equipped, a blanket, because the two postures must practice on the ground.

To experiment with the first posture, start by sitting on the floor mat (or blanket) then bend your legs and bring them to your right. Then, extend your arms into the air, holding your hands together. Then pull your arms to your right while leaning slightly. Hold the posture for about thirty seconds before returning to the initial position. Then, perform the same exercise on the other side. Remember to breathe deeply while practicing this stretch.

For the second exercise, place yourself on one knee. The right knee is on the ground, the left foot is anchored to the ground, and the left knee is at a 90-degree angle. Then hold your hands together and extend your arms in the air before leaning slightly to your left. Hold the pose for 30 seconds. Then, perform the same exercise on the other side.

Source :

  • Lisa, physiotherapist @lisakine_ – Instagram (05/24/2024)
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Louis Tardy