This is one of the questions that may go through our minds when we have to use public toilets… But rest assured, if toilet seats are breeding grounds for germs, they are not vectors of sexually transmitted infections ( IST). We’ll explain it to you.

Before knowing if it is possible to catch an STI from a toilet, it is necessary to remember how infections are transmitted. IS. These infections are transmitted from one person to another in different ways: through contact with contaminated genitals with the mouth, genitals, rectum, skin and through fluids (semen, blood, vaginal secretions).

The risk of contamination is significant during unprotected sexual intercourse. This may include oral, vaginal or anal sex with someone who has an STI. Contamination can also occur during pregnancy or breastfeeding (transmission from mother to child) or during intimate physical contact.

There is very little risk of catching an STI from a toilet

It is possible to catch an STI after sitting on a toilet seat, but this risk is small.

Contamination can occur but under very specific conditions. For example, you can catch theHepatitis B or HIV if there is traces of contaminated blood on the toilet seats and these traces of blood enter in contact with your own blood because of a sore on your skin.

But this risk is minimal because the viruses causing STIs do not survive long when they are outside the body. The viruses responsible for STIs proliferate in warm environments, which is the case in the body. A toilet seat is often cold, which leaves these viruses have little chance of surviving.

What should you really worry about when using public toilets?

While toilet seats cannot transmit STIs, they can transmit STIs to you. other viruses and bacteria.

In January 2022, a review of studies revealed the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in and around toilets : the influenza A virus (flu A virus), noroviruses (responsible for gastroenteritis) and staphylococcus A (responsible for skin infections).

To reduce the risk of illnesses linked to these pathogens, it is recommended to wash one’s hands after going to the toilet,avoid using hand dryers and D’Avoid toilets that are not cleaned regularly and have open trash cans.

Annabelle Iglesias


May 16, 2024, at 10:46 a.m

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