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Carrefour insecurity: school directors question FNE and the MENFP

  • May 15, 2024
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School directors grouped within the Collective of Educators for the Renewal of Education in Haiti (CEREH) deplore the difficult context in which educational establishments established in Martissant operate, in the environment of the 3rd District of Port-au -Prince, in Carrefour plagued by gang violence. This reality has forced the closure of establishments and decapitalized school directors.

The general director of the National Education Fund (FNE), Jean Ronald Joseph, is invited to come to the aid of educational establishments operating in the southern zone of Port-au-Prince, which have been heavily decapitalized due to armed conflicts. In a press conference held this Wednesday in the Institution Mixte Jean Ernest par la foi, of Carrefour, CEREH officials call on the authorities of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) to work for the resumption of school activities in the areas occupied by armed factions.

In his speech, the CEREH coordinator, Mezac Saintil, discusses the situation of schools which are struggling to bring together nearly a tenth of their workforce due to the security crisis. In view of the official end-of-year exams, few schools have had the opportunity to complete the program imposed by officials of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP), deplores CEREH.

In conclusion, CEREH officials require the MENFP to reconsider the current program at the crossroads of the official exam deadlines. They are calling on the FNE to take into account the situation of private schools in a difficult economic and financial situation by subsidizing decapitalized institutions. Otherwise, Sonder Louis, school principal notifies state authorities of proposed decisions to prevent official examinations from being held in affected areas.

Hervé Noel

[email protected]