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Charred corpses noticed in Delmas and Ption-ville

  • March 22, 2024
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Charred corpses found in Delmas 95 and Pétion-ville.

Charred corpses noticed in Delmas and Pétion-ville

CP: Maxime Louissaint. Shocking images

This Friday, March 22, 2024, local residents discovered several charred corpses in the streets of Pétion-ville and Delmas. Our reporter Maxime Louissaint observed lifeless bodies at Delmas 60, 95 and at rue PanAmérique in Pétion-ville. No information on the identity of these individuals or the reasons which led to killing them to the point of burning them is available.

According to Maxime Louissaint who crisscrossed the perimeters of Pétion-ville and Haut-Delmas, at least ten dead people litter the ground. The corpses are charred and it is difficult to know the identity of the dead bodies.

This situation has been occurring since the beginning of this week in the commune of Pétion-ville. During the last five days, at least thirty lifeless bodies have been discovered in the streets of Pétion-ville. A phenomenon that worries the inhabitants of this town. Residents have continued to send out SOS messages to the detonations of automatic weapons they have been hearing lately.

Remember that the Haitian National Police carried out an anti-gang operation on Thursday March 21 at Delmas 95 which led to the death of Ernst Julmé known as Ti Grèg. He was known for his involvement in acts of banditry in Delmas 95, an area he controlled with his acolytes.

Furthermore, our reporter noted that public transport operates slowly in Juvénat, Pétion-ville and Delmas.

“There is not a strong presence of people in the streets but a few commercial banks operate in Pétion-ville”

Charred corpses noticed in Delmas and Pétion-ville

CP: Maxime Louissaint. Shocking images

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