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Choice of Garry Conille: Open letter from Dr Jean Levelt to the members of the Presidential Council

  • May 14, 2024
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Open letter to members of the Presidential Council

Subject: choice of Dr Garry Conille as Prime Minister

Dear compatriots,

Some men always mark their passage. Who does not remember the circumstances surrounding the departure of Garry Conille from the Prime Minister’s Office? Despite the doubt that hovered over the dictatorial desires of those close to the “Têt Kale” power, whose President-Singer believed himself to be above the constitution, the man inspired confidence with his attitude and his decisions. One of his advisors at the Prime Minister’s office, an old friend, reported to those close to him that one day, face to face with Prime Minister Garry Conille, the latter, after carefully reading a document that had been sent to him the Ministry of Agriculture, told him: I don’t see any subsidies for small farmers. So I cannot approve this project. Disillusioned, Garry Conille predicted that there would be a divorce between the Presidency and the Prime Minister.

Dear Members of the Presidential Council,

The anecdotes have the particularity of showing us every politician in his nudity. The same advisor told me that one day, alone with the Prime Minister Garry Conille, at the reception villa, the telephone rang: the President was at the end of his phone. line. Without saying “hello”, pushed by this reflex which made him define himself as “LETA”, he said to the Prime Minister: “Voye yon senk milyon goud pou mwen pou mal nan kanaval Jacmel”. The Prime Minister, in imperturbable calm, replied that the law does not authorize him to do so, that he asks him to call the Minister of Finance but to see if the legal procedures allow this disbursement. Here, in two anecdotes, is the man that many fellow citizens recommend as “Prime Minister” to get through the stormy skies that are shaking our country.

Dear Members of the Presidential Council,

The history of our country is full of painful episodes “politically speaking”. We will only cite the “Antoine Simon-Anténor Firmin” battle. On the list of “Prime Ministers” circulating on social networks, I will not make any comments, both out of integrity but also out of generosity. Our compatriot, Garry Conille, remains and remains, in the current context, the person indicated to lead the next government.

I hope that political wisdom and patriotism will prevail over group interests. I therefore recommend that you give him your trust 100 percent.

Dr Jean Levelt