D1 Arkema: Havre AC has regained the taste of victory, Roselord Borgella takes his place in the starting XI!

After 8 consecutive matches without a victory, it was necessary to wait for a 9th match for the Le Havre team to return to a 2-1 victory away against Dijon with the start of Roselord Borgella.

This Saturday, April 13, 2024, as part of the 20th day of D1, Havre AC recorded an important away victory. It was at the Gaston-Gérard stadium in Dijon. The two Le Havre scorers are Zoé Stiévenart in the 7th minute and the young player Chancelle Effa in the 72nd minute, 10 minutes after entering the match.

The Haitian international Roselord Borgella who lost her starting place in the starting XI of the Le Havre team has just been started for a second time, but still silent in front of the goals.

After this victory, Romain Dekouvri’s band occupies 8th place in the ranking with 19 points. 7 points in addition to the first relegation.

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