D2_feminine: A fierce fight between OM and FC Nantes for promotion to the first French Women’s League

By: Peterson Pierre-Louis

Two days before the end of the French women’s D2 championship, two teams are fighting for a place in the French Women’s Premier League next season.

On home soil, Olympique Marseille dominated Albi Marsac 2-0. While FC Nantes won by a bare minimum 1-0 against the remaining team, RC Lens of Dayana Pierre-Louis and Sherly Jeudy.

Darlina Joseph was beautiful and well established for Marseille. Both teams will have tough matches next weekend. FC Nantes will travel to Strasbourg to face the invincible team. On the other side, Olympique Marseille will travel to Nice to face the teammates of Maureen Saint-Léger, 4th in the ranking.

For now, there is only one place left for promotion after Strasbourg.

FC Nantes has 41 points ahead of OM who have 40 points. A defeat for Nantes will do the business of Olympique Marseille next weekend.

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