Why is it crucial to properly dispose of expired medications?

A danger to the environment and public health

Throwing expired medications in the trash or toilet is not only dangerous for public health but also for the environment:

  • Drinking water pollution : Drug molecules can infiltrate into soils and waterways, contaminant drinking water and threatening aquatic fauna and flora.
  • Contamination des sols : Medicines buried in landfills can pollute the soil, affecting the quality of the earth and threatening cultures and human health.
  • Danger to animals : Stray animals can ingest medications thrown in garbage, causing serious illnesses. poisonings and serious health problems.

Fortunately, a simple and effective solution exists: Cyclamed!

Cyclamed: a free service for responsible action

Cyclamed is un national service for the collection and processing of expired or unused medicinesimplemented by pharmacies.

How it works ?

  1. Sort your medications : Collect all expired or unused medications, including capsules, tablets, syrups, ointments, etc.
  2. Separate the instructions and the cardboard boxes for recycling.
  3. Take them to the pharmacy : Drop off your medications at any pharmacy, regardless of where you originally purchased them.
  4. Cyclamed takes care of the rest : Pharmacists collect the medicines and hand them over to Cyclamed which takes care of their processing and final disposal while respecting the environment.

Attention !

Certain medications cannot be collected from pharmacies:

Needles and syringes

Chemical supplements

Food thermometers


Veterinary products

In addition to being an ecological gesture, returning your expired medications to the pharmacy is a solidarity gesture.

Don’t wait any longer, help protect the environment and health by returning your expired medications to the pharmacy!

Anya El Hamdaoui


May 29, 2024, at 11:09 a.m.

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