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Bad breath can be particularly bothersome. Fortunately, it can be neutralized with a few simple actions. Doctor Jimmy Mohamed explains everything to us.

What causes bad breath?

To have bad breath can be very disturbing, for you and those around you.

This smell results from “the degradation of food residues by bacteria leads to the appearance of volatile sulfur compounds” indicates the French Union for Oral Health (UFSBD). Present in too large quantities, it releases an unpleasant odor.

In most cases, bad breath is the result of an oral problem such as cavities or gum disease. For the rest, and to keep your breath fresh, there are a few tips to apply on a daily basis.

Drink milk or eat Greek yogurt against bad breath

Preventing bad breath is not that complicated and can be done with a few simple steps.

Therefore, UFSBD experts recommend:

  • Se to brush teeth twice a day for two minutes;
  • To consult your dentist once a year;
  • Drink enough water;
  • Avoid consuming garlic, onions and certain spices;
  • To limit your consumption of coffee and alcohol.

But once the bad smell sets in, there are tips to make it disappear quickly.

Doctor Jimmy Mohamed, speaking on RTL, recommends, for example, drink milk or eat Greek yogurt after eating garlic. Indeed, “fat and water neutralize the sulfur, present in garlic, responsible for bad breath ». The trick also works if you ate an onion.

After a coffee, don’t hesitate to drink a small glass of water. Indeed, caffeinated drinks tend to dry out the mouth. “However, saliva helps eliminate the bad bacteria responsible for bad odor” explains the doctor. Chewing gum can also be a valuable ally because it stimulates saliva production.

If bad odor problems persist, you should consult a dentist. These are certainly due to an oral problem.

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March 21, 2024, at 11:21 a.m.

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