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Edito de Hati-Observateur | The process of creating the CPT exposes corruption everywhere!

  • May 10, 2024
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The process of creating the interim Presidential Transitional Council (CPT), a new system introduced by the parties involved in the inter-Haitian negotiations, approved by the international community, highlights the corruption which dominates political decisions, within the actors, national and international. Barely twenty-four hours after it was voted on in total opacity and installed on the sly, due to the violence of armed gangs, its birth is faced with disavowal within its own ranks, as well as among the organizations that contributed to carry it to the baptismal font.

If, this time, some were banking on the change in Haitian society, wishing, at first glance, to break with the past, in the choice of the country’s leaders, they quickly noted that more such ambitions are mentioned in the promises elections, the more criminal and unhealthy practices remain the same. Because the very day after the vote of the president of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) and the provisional Prime Minister, the protest was declared, no one, except the supporters of the plot, could predict the result.

Indeed, in a country where citizens respect their word of honor, the candidate elected president of the CP would be known in advance, between Edgard Leblanc Fils (Organization of the People in Struggle), (Leslie Voltaire (Fanmi Lavalas), Gérald Gilles (Agreement of December 21), Laurent Saint-Cyr (Private Business Sector). But, since, generally, in Haiti, pre-electoral procedures are always accompanied by shenanigans, surprises invariably await. where the revelation of Edgard Leblanc Fils as the president of the Presidential Council, elected by the “Indissoluble Majority Bloc” (BMI), of which the elected official is a part, revelation of the latter In other words, created from scratch by the BMI. having assigned him the role of “non-participant in the vote of the president of the CP”, under the name “Minority bloc”) BM). By virtue of the violation of the agreement of April 3 establishing the procedure to follow for the election of the latter. This constitutes the criticism made to the BMI by the Montana Agreement relegated to the BM by the BMI. The April 3 agreement stipulates that candidates for the presidency of the CP must be submitted to the examination of all members without distinction, a protocol which has been completely ignored by the BMI.

Furthermore, Fanmi Lavalas and the Montana Agreement Monitoring Office (BSA) stand against what they call the “so-called consensus” by which the former Minister of Youth and Sports, Fritz Bélizaire, was elected Prime Minister. In this context, the BSA had sent an official correspondence to the observer members of the CPT Régine Abraham and Frinel Joseph, in which concerns were raised relating to the process which leads to the election of the president of this structure. The protesters draw the attention of the members of the CPT majority bloc to articles 4.1 and 8 of the document.

Particular emphasis is placed on articles 4.1, 7 and 8 of the document recognized by all members relating to the organization and functioning of the Presidential Council. The BSA is based on article 4.1, which formally stipulates: “the Presidential Council is coordinated by one of its members serving as president of the Council”, chosen or elected according to the “Document relating to the organization and operation of the Presidential Council “.

Articles 7 and 8 specify that the electoral process emphasizes “consensus” as the exclusive means of choosing the President of the Council, with a distinctive procedure, in the event of a lack of consensus.

All stakeholders, who have been in discussions with CARICOM, participated in the process that resulted in the concept of the Presidential Council. Putting on hold the means of choosing the provisional interim president, to fill a presidential vacancy, in the event of the incapacity of the chief executive, they consider this means advantageous to satisfy their personal ambitions. The multi-headed interim presidency formula gives rise to multiple presidents at the same time, therefore big benefits to more people at once. In the post-Duvalier political landscape, where millionaires are being built, at the expense of the public purse and thanks to corruption in full swing, the nouveau riche are created in series.

The international community, notably the United States, Canada, France, and those called “friends of Haiti”, in addition to the United Nations, do not seem to be too moved by the scandal that broke out within their creature, the Presidential Council. We wonder why they are complacent in their silence. If the Secretary General of the American States (OAS) had, initially, welcomed the election of Fritz Bélizaire as interim Prime Minister, and Edgard Leblanc Fils, as president of the CP, secondly, he denounced the lack of transparency of the ballot by which Mr. Bélizaire was elected. As for the President of the Presidential Council, the denunciation of the BSA against him does not leave the guardian countries indifferent, who still remain silent on the subject of President Leblanc Fils.

After the April 30 performance of the Presidential Council, which triggered the attack of the “Minority Bloc” against the “Indissoluble Majority Bloc”, the States having contributed to the creation of this structure, illegal and illegitimate, must surrender to the It is obvious that these Haitian political actors, their interlocutors, work only to enjoy power and not to resolve the multidimensional crisis in which the Haitian people are struggling. Moreover, all the members of the CP, expressions of the groups they represent, have the same aspirations and the same ambitions. They are at loggerheads because they are competing in terms of the benefits to be gained for each.

Countries that believe they are authorized to impose sanctions against socio-political categories in Haiti must find themselves faced with mercenaries of a new kind. Should we then find other means to crack down on?

In the objective reality of the situation, although created and then installed, the presidency of the CP does not really exist, because it has yet to publish its latest acts in the official state newspaper, Le Moniteur. This must wait, we don’t know how long, if such a decision ever comes. Since, Edgard Leblanc Fils, who was elected president of the CP by the four members of the indissoluble Major Bloc, is slow to find the four voters necessary to sign the minutes of his election. He was unable to produce this document, at the request of the Montana Agreement Monitoring Office. It seems that it is still impossible to produce it.

Obviously, the countries, which participated in the creation of the CP, are stakeholders in this scandal which broke out within it, by entrusting this unconstitutional responsibility to CARICOM, which, in turn, assumed it fully.

If the Americans, leaders of the Western world, at the United Nations, take responsibility for trampling on the Haitian Constitution, the construction of the Presidential Council falls within the framework of its responsibilities. It is therefore deliberately that the international community made the decision to revoke the means established by the Fundamental Charter of our country, in the choice of an interim president, to replace a head of state incapacitated, or otherwise unavailable to continue in his duties.

To the extent that CARICOM has accepted the responsibility of building Haitian institutions, outside of the Haitian Constitution, entrusted to it by the international community, it must shoulder, with it, all the consequences that will have been mentioned by the Haitian people, to responsible legal entities.

No doubt, corruption reigns everywhere, it must be denounced without reservation wherever it is found!