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Elections in the Dominican Republic, while Haiti is debating

  • May 12, 2024
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Port-au-Prince, May 12 [AlterPresse] — News on the island is the election in the Dominican Republic while Haiti is struggling under a political crisis.

The transitional presidential council, which has been in place since April 25, is having difficulty taking its place in the landscape, due to its own internal problems. It seems to unlock, but it takes time.

The Dominican Republic, which neighbors Haiti, is moving forward in its own political experience. On May 19, 2024, citizens will vote to renew parliament and elect a new president.

It is a sign of the stability of a formal democracy that has been taking place for several decades in the country that shares the island with Haiti, after experiencing a major electoral crisis.

But there is one element of the political debate that hasn’t changed: it’s the way they have a discourse that rejects Haitian migrants, it’s the way political discourse is always based on the threat Haiti would represent to the Dominican Republic.

What perspective can these elections offer for the relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, since there is a lot of possibility that the administration there will not change? [gp apr 12/05/2024 10 :40]