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Emotion, Reason: For the balance of thinking and acting consciousness.

  • April 3, 2024
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By Camille Loty Malebranche

Neither the mass of objectivity drowning subjective sensitivities in the partisan of exclusive reason nor the delusional subjectivity of the primitive emotional abandoning itself to its impulsive impulses and primary reactions, can be exclusive – each alone devouring the other and mutually exclusive – conferring the essential balance which characterizes an assertive man. Reason and Emotion are like the two feet on which the completeness of the thinker-actor that is man stands. These are two faculties-attributes whose balance is necessary for human balance, for the verticality of posture of the thinking and acting consciousness in the multiple fire of both ponderable and imponderable situations of life.

Lreason is given to us to question and understand the world, while emotion makes us feel it in our interiority. Emotion, pillar of creation and representation; reason, the basis of discovery and invention. At this stage, the two counterbalance each other in the interdependent understanding for the completeness of the progress of the collective consciousness of the species in its culturophore march, that is to say bearer of cultures and founder of civilizations. Reason acts physically and administratively on reality in its relationship to immediacy, emotion vibrates, beyond tangible presences, according to the perception of values ​​and transcendent meaning of which reality is only the mediating instance.

When reason excludes emotion, man becomes a petrified monster of implacable management, a sort of marble golem, cold and without reflex or inflection of humanity, strictly programmed by and for the results targeted by the action. considered rational.

As for emotion, when it encroaches on reason, invades its space, it makes man a toy of debility, a stupid mass of impulses, incapable of retreat and acting in the first degree. Emotion in power without reason, pushes humans into the daydreams and eccentricities of the imagination which believes in magical thinking where reason would help to build with complete objectivity.

There are no men of emotion or reason alone, nor of cultures and civilizations that are exclusively emotional or rational; it is the solicitation of one or the other that determines which one predominates or even eclipses the other! The balance of reason and emotion must be the object of the mental work of man and societies. Becoming aware of the extent of things in these fragile areas of the human psyche can avoid the emotional rage of collective vigilante or racist killers which proliferate today in certain societies, while stopping the imbecile and wild surge of monstrous rationalities such as warmongering interventionism, imperialism and its geostrategy of massacre perpetrated in the name of cold reason for the domination of certain establishments over the world. Because individual or collective, the imbalance of emotion and reason always gives rise to excesses, abuses and sometimes frightening, deadly and deadly monstrosities.


Emotion and reason are limited and tempered for the better when man realizes that all his attributes must live in symbiotic balance for his greater and glorious overall ontological growth.