FK Tukums 2000 wins thanks to Stevenson Thursday

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

In a thrilling duel during the 11th day of the Latvian championship, FK Tukums 2000 snatched a crucial victory against FS Jelgava, thanks to a decisive goal from Haitian striker Stevenson on Thursday. The match, which saw an exchange of blows between the two teams, proved to be a real spectacle for the fans in attendance.

FK Tukums opened the scoring in the 23rd minute thanks to a goal from Jamaican Kenroy Campbell, following a clever pass from Kaspars Anmanis. However, FS Jelgava were quick to hit back, equalizing in the 48th minute through Rihards Bečers, putting pressure on the home side.

Then the decisive moment came in the 58th minute, when Stevenson Jeudi came on, replacing Kristians Kauselis for FK Tukums. Its impact was immediate and impressive. In the final minutes of regulation time, when the match seemed headed for a draw, Jeudi emerged with a crucial goal in the 91st minute, off a pass from Maroine Mihoubi, thus giving victory to FK Tukums.

With this valuable victory, FK Tukums 2000 moves to 5th place in the ranking with 17 points, thus consolidating its position in the race for European places. For Stevenson Thursday, the goal marked his third goal of the season for FK Tukums 2000, affirming his status as a key striker for his side in the quest for success in the Latvian championship.

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