Women’s Football: Haiti gives a golden gift to the Philippines, as was the case for Jonathan David with Canada

Nina Mathelus, who wanted to represent Haiti in the youth categories between 2020 and 2022, will no longer be a warrior. The under-17 player is called up to the seniors of the Philippine team.

As was the case for Jonathan David in 2016-2017, another case is repeating itself again. The FHF, through its young technical staff, lets Nina Mathelus go to the Philippines. The young 16-year-old attacker has expressed her desire to represent her father’s country in 2020-2022. Several public statements have been made. But the FHF, with each youth selection, put it in a drawer.

In 2023, the Philippines, her mother’s country, will call her up for the U17 selection. She is one of the best players in her selection and one of the top scorers in the U17 World Cup qualifiers in the Asian zone with 8 goals.
This Saturday, March 30, the Philippine Football Federation communicated a list for the two international friendly matches with the South Korean selection. Nina Mathelus was called up for the first time among the seniors at 16 years old. Nina Mathelus could have been one of the young hopes of Haitian women’s football, but unfortunately, the FHF gave her to the Philippines.

Good luck to her with the selection of her mother’s country.