Football_Analysis/ 2026 World Cup: Between ignorance and carelessness: The FHF will not budge

The FHF normalization committee, less than a month before the Grenadiers’ entry into the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, has never presented their project, no visible preparation. But Sébastien Migné’s list of players has been announced and contested by more than one.

Approximately 22 days before the first meeting of the national team in the 2026 World Cup campaign, on June 6 against Saint Lucia. On the other hand, the FHF never presented the new boss of the Grenadiers to the press and also the standardization committee never presented its project and objectives to the general public. However, the FHF has already communicated the coach’s pre-list via its social networks. Is there any disrespect in this case?

_Why do we say that the standardization committee is a group of lazy people?_

In the affairs of the senior men’s national selection, the standardization committee behaves like carefree people.

1- The FHF standardization committee did not present the national coach even by videoconference.
2- The standardization committee did not do its best to renew the Grenadiers squad with new binational talents despite their knowledge of these athletes.
3- The normalization committee, after relocating Haiti’s receiving headquarters to the Dominican Republic, did not generate any synergy so that Haiti could play at least in Cap-Haïtien (Parc Saint-Victor).

Taking into account these three small criticisms, the standardization committee seems far from assuming its responsibility towards the good results of the national team and the demands of the Haitian public who only expected a competitive selection. As did Suriname, Curaçao, Jamaica and now the Dominican Republic where its leaders seek to convince the best dual nationals wanting to represent their country, here the leaders are only satisfied with players from the French 3rd division.

Why does the FHF accept that the problem of management of the grenadiers continues? We are asking for things to change in our king sport. Let our leaders become aware of their lamentable poor state of mind.

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