Football_Scandal: Suspected of possible embezzlement: Messi, Piqué, Rubiales, and Ceferin are in turmoil

By: Kenia Clergy

According to an article in the newspaper L’Equipe published this Tuesday, May 21, 2024, Messi, Piqué, Rubiales, and Ceferin are allegedly involved in corruption and embezzlement scandals.

Documents and several written and voice conversations came from the telephone of the former President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) which may indicate a possible attempt to embezzle UEFA funds originally intended for the RFEF and a alleged influence peddling.

“No one should know what we are talking about, because if people find out, they will kill us” what Lionel Messi and Gérard Piqué would have said to Luis Rubiales.

_“The first conversations date back to April 2, 2020. Piqué would have expressed to Rubiales Messi’s concern regarding the drastic reduction in his salary proposed by FC Barcelona to deal with the losses generated by the health crisis. Acting as an intermediary, the President of the Federation then, an hour later, contacted Ceferin to suggest using UEFA funds intended for the RFEF to compensate for the economic losses of Messi and certain players. »_ wrote the newspaper L’EQUIPE.

An economic proposal would have been presented to Ceferin:
_“It’s important for us to have Messi and the rest with us,” Rubiales would have explained, according to information from the daily The Objective, relayed by the newspaper L’EQUIPE. Without the need to invest money. Just change the destination and continue to give money to young clubs…”_

He then tells Ceferin:
_“The only thing they told me (Piqué and Messi) is that, please, no one must know what we are talking about, because if people find out, they will kill us. They are very careful that no one knows that they want to receive the money they lost. They are worried about that. It must remain confidential.”_

The UEFA president then reportedly calmed him down and assured him that “even a dog won’t learn it.”

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