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For a successful transition, beware of triumphalism and excesses of zeal

  • June 5, 2024
  • 7 Min
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The transition is passing its first major test with the formation of the ministerial cabinet. A moment that requires moderation and intelligence. Above all, humility. Presidential advisers and Prime Minister Garry Conille must ensure that there is neither loser nor winner among them. Only the Haitian people deserve to be the big winner this time. The presidential council and the head of government have an obligation to agree on a successful transition because the future of the entire population prey to all kinds of violence depends on it.
As a result, there is no triumphalist attitude on either side. The Haitian political terrain is undermined. Therefore, consensus must always be the basis of decisions

We can always criticize presidential advisers for having procrastinated too much in their decision-making. But today they have understood the need to find a modus operandi to make things work.
The decree establishing, functioning and organization of the Presidential Transitional Council was published and a prime minister was appointed “by consensus”. We must encourage them to stay on this path.

The new Prime Minister Garry Conille also shows signs of wisdom and humility. His two interventions, one after the decree appointing him prime minister and the other after his enthronement, give the impression of a head of government willing to work in consultation with the other branch of the executive even if he recognizes when submitting an amplification of the decree formalizing its function that it is possible that they do not agree on everything. Of the word, he will be judged by the actions taken.

Everyone must measure their actions during this deleterious period.
The formation of the government remains the crucial stage of the transition. The idea of ​​not granting sovereign ministries to stakeholders must be well balanced to avoid any misunderstanding which could compromise everything. It’s all in the art and the manner. The Prime Minister’s approach during his meeting with the CPT to announce the profile of his government was correct because the agreement of April 3 and the decree creating the Presidential Council guarantees him this advantage. Advisors even testified and praised the approach of Conille who allegedly behaved “as a good head of government”.

Nerves were on edge when the former chairman of the board of directors of the National Credit Bank (BNC), Phillipe Vixamar, presented as a close friend of the Prime Minister, joined the party. The economist, having until now played no known role in the resolution of the current crisis, suddenly came to disrupt, if not shake up, the ongoing process. While Garry Conille has so far displayed a measured attitude in his speeches, Phillipe Vixamar, the air of someone who has just made a revolution or won an election, has allowed himself to dictate the rules of the game of the transition.

“The ministries of justice, the interior, finance and social affairs are not negotiable,” he said with all the arrogance of a man spitting on the efforts of an entire political class which, despite his flaws, worked to achieve this transition.

Garry Conille must be careful with the interventions of those around him, which are not likely to restore confidence between the CPT and the Prime Minister. He would do better to quickly distance himself from these positions.

In this fragile period, the political climate does not need these irresponsible or vengeful speeches.

To succeed in this transition, we must avoid excess zeal. It is and will be necessary to demonstrate wisdom and modesty in all circumstances.

Prime Minister Garry Conille, having no political base and giving the impression of being very conciliatory in his approaches, must continue to send signals which reassure and not those which divide sent by close zealous collaborators.

By Gazette Haiti News

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Gazette Haiti