Four Haitians relegated to French D4 at the end of the 2023-2024 season

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

At the end of a season full of twists and turns, the French D4 experienced its share of surprises and disappointments. Among the relegated teams, there are some familiar names, but one particularity attracted attention: four Haitian players were relegated with their respective clubs.

Leverton Pierre and Dany Jean, representing US Avranches Mont Saint-Michel, faced an uphill battle to keep their team in the division. Despite their efforts, relegation was inevitable for this team.

Bryan Labissiere, playing for SAS Épinal, was also affected by this cruel decision. Despite his commitment on the field, his team failed to avoid the descent.

Finally, Martin Expérience, who wore the colors of SO Cholet, was also confronted with this disillusionment. Despite his experience and talent, the season did not smile on his team.

These four Haitian players showed determination and passion throughout the season, but unfortunately, fate decided otherwise. Hopefully this experience will make them stronger and they will be able to bounce back in their football career.

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