Frantz Pierrot scores, Drogheda takes all three points

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

This morning, the stadium was in turmoil as Drogheda United, led by Haitian striker Frantz Pierrot, faced Dundalk in a crucial Irish D1 match. And the fans were not disappointed, as Frantz’s teammates delivered a remarkable performance, ultimately winning 2-1.

The decisive moment came in the 55th minute, when Frantz Pierrot scored, well served by Irish veteran Gary Deegan. The crucial goal not only secured victory for Drogheda United, but also marked Frantz’s third goal since joining the club, taking his career tally to an impressive 35th goal.

This victory is of capital importance for Drogheda United, who thus record their third victory of the season in 14 matches. Despite their position in penultimate place in the championship with 14 points, this performance raises hopes of a rise in the standings for the rest of the season.

Frantz Pierrot continues to establish himself as one of Drogheda United’s key players, bringing his talent and determination to the pitch in every match. Supporters can already look forward to the next performances of this talented striker, who continues to shine in the colors of Drogheda United.

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