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Friendly match: Ricardo Ade will miss Sébastien Migné’s first rally in Guyana

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For administrative reasons, Ricardo Ade will miss the first gathering of the national team since their elimination from the League of Nations last October. Following the numerous actions of armed gangs in Haiti, the French embassy forced them to close their doors, thus preventing several grenadiers from traveling to Guyana.

In an interview given to local media in Guyana, new coach Sébastien Migné confirms that captain Ricardo Adé will not be present during his first gathering for the match against Guyana.

Indeed, due to a connection problem with the French embassy from Ecuador, ADE will not be able to provide the necessary documents to reach Guyana from Quito. The security problems prevailing in Haiti have not favored several grenadiers, particularly those who play in the local championship.

Sébastien Migné will have to deal with other players who have come as reinforcements for this first friendly match.