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Friends of Books, an innovative project by Billy Phrison Vilmond

  • May 2, 2024
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Books must always be open, according to the logic of the “Friends of Books” organization. This project insists that the practice of reading is not dead. Proponents use networks to make books accessible to the general public.

At the beginning, “Friends of Books” consisted of promoting reading, especially among young people and children, knowing that education is the basis of a society and that reading plays a vital role. Then they launched reading workshops with children and collaborated with other groups who had the same goals.

Launch of the “Friends of Books” project

Launched in 2018, Billy donated books around the “Friends of Books” project. Then, in 2019, they created their pages on social networks and collaborated with other cultural entities such as Agency for Protocol and Artistic Promotion (APPART), Gestures of Hope, Konbit Bibliyotèk Site Solèy. In 2020, “Friends of Books” organized in partnership with NABU, “a Haitian electronic library” a reading competition around the theme “Read to escape”.

In its beginnings, “Friends of Books” only promoted reading by organizing activities alone or in collaboration. But today they do more than that. “Friends of Books” now promotes literary and educational activities. The “Friends of Books” team is made up of the main committee, the editorial team and a graphic designer. Their goal is to be there for the literary and educational world.

Ideal Library by Billy Phrison Vilmond

Vilmond’s ideal library is composed mainly of historical novels, epistolary, thrillers by Haitian authors, books related to communication and psychology. Personal development and the classics. Note that reading is for him a source of pleasure, a means of traveling, therefore, the library must be colorful and diversified according to the mood and the moment.

Source : Celebrity Magazine



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