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Fuel shortage: public transport prices increase Port-au-Prince

  • May 3, 2024
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Public transport prices rise in Port-au-Prince due to fuel scarcity driven by gang violence

In recent days, the country is facing a serious fuel shortage. Contacted by Juno7, Marc André Dériphonse, President of the National Association of Service Station Owners (ANAPROSS) informs that this scarcity is due to the current situation in the country. Armed gangs occupy the roads giving access to the Terminals. “We don’t know when this problem will be resolved unfortunately” he laments.

Across the streets, particularly in Clercine, a Juno7 reporter noted arguments between drivers and passengers. “How come the price of transport “Clercine – Gérald Bataille” goes from 25 gourdes to 50 gourdes, while the situation is difficult for everyone” expresses a passenger.

As for the tap-tap driver, he stressed that fuel is scarce at the gas pumps, and it is sold at exorbitant prices on the informal market.

“Now I buy a gallon for 1,500 gourdes. How can I make you pay 25 gourdes for the fare when I have a family to feed?” he blurted.

For Gérald Bataille, it is the same observation. The price of the tour “Gérald Bataille – Delmas 33” went from 25 gourdes to 50 gourdes. Despite the understanding of some passengers, others categorically refuse. “Why pay 50 gourdes when with 25 gourdes, your profit was 100%” hammered a passenger, throwing unhealthy remarks.

A citizen met at the Airport Carrefour for his part underlines that the problem does not lie with the drivers, but with the state authorities.

“It is the authorities who have the duty to put bandits out of harm’s way in order to facilitate free movement. Otherwise, the situation will remain unchanged and there is a risk of loss of human life.” he laments.

It should be noted that through a note dated May 2, 2024 bearing the signature of the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Me Jean Edler Guillaume, from this Friday, May 3, it is formally prohibited to sell products tankers in containers through the streets.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, instructions were given to the Haitian National Police to arrest sellers and buyers of fuel on public roads.

Pénurie de Carburant : les prix du transport en commun augmentent à Port-au-Prince


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