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Garry Conille: 75% of hospitals are inaccessible in the country

  • June 9, 2024
  • 2 Min
  • 7

Prime Minister Garry Conille in a message underlines that 75% of hospital centers are inaccessible in the country.

Through a message broadcast on his YouTube account, Prime Minister Garry Conille confirms that he was unwell on Saturday June 8, 2024 and this Sunday, his state of health is stable. However, he emphasizes that 75% of hospitals are inaccessible in the country.

“The situation must not remain like this, and what happened to me yesterday proves that my government must prioritize the medical sector” declared Doctor Garry Conille who took the opportunity to thank all those who thought of him at the time he was to the hospital.

Regarding the formation of the government, doctor Garry Conille said he hoped that at the beginning of this week the ministerial cabinet would be formed.

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