Because the gluten-free diet is quite complex, some people deprive themselves for fear of making a mistake. This is a shame and dangerous, because it risks causing deficiencies.

Here are the foods thatyou should definitely not consume when following a gluten-free diet.

Why adopt a gluten-free diet?

The gluten is the general name given to the storage proteins, glutelins and prolamins. They are found in wheat, rye and other types of cereals such as triticale or spelt.

Some people cannot consume these proteins. It is :

  • People who suffer from celiac disease : they must then follow a strict gluten-free diet. The latter is effective in erasing the skin and digestive signs of the disease;
  • People allergic to wheat. Their allergies can be triggered by several proteins. Complete elimination of wheat from the diet is the only possible treatment;
  • People sensitive to wheat or gluten which have symptoms similar to those of celiac disease.

Eating gluten-free is a lifestyle that requires meeting certain challenges. Indeed, to adopt this diet, it is important to understand the permitted or “prohibited” foods and ingredients.

Some information on the composition of products in supermarkets is sometimes incorrect, it is important to remain vigilant. The idea is to avoid deficiencies as much as possible, and not to deprive yourself.

Breading and wheat: foods prohibited on a gluten-free diet

In each food category, there are prohibitions for people following a gluten-free diet. It is :

  • For drinks, it is best to avoid beer, coolers or dehydrated drinks;
  • Certain condiments, vegetable broths, mustard or baking powder should be avoided ;
  • THE flavored milks or flavored soy preparations its to avoid;
  • THE dairy desserts based on muesli or breaded cheeses are forbidden ;
  • THE dumplings or breaded meat are prohibited;
  • THE breaded, smoked fish, dumplings, appetizers, seafood pancakes are forbidden ;
  • The wheat and its derivatives (gnocchi, rusks, breadcrumbs, couscous, etc.), barley and its derivatives (pearled barley, flour, etc.), rye and its derivatives (gingerbread), puffed cereals, spelled or oats and its derivatives are incompatible with a gluten-free diet;
  • Finally, the ice cream cones are forbidden.

A gluten-free diet consists of the total exclusion of gluten from the diet. It is possible to receive support in setting up this regime.

Florine Cauchie

Health journalist

June 6, 2024, at 11:03 a.m.

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