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Graduation ceremony: Rendez-Vous Christ Church transforms the lives of around twenty young people

  • June 8, 2024
  • 5 Min
  • 11

29 young people transformed by Rendez-Vous Christ church: A celebration of hope and resilience.

The Rendez-Vous Christ church, under the direction of Pastor Julio Volcy, was this Saturday, June 8, 2024, the scene of an event marked by joy and transformation. Twenty-nine young girls and boys, once caught in the clutches of debauchery, prostitution and theft, reached an important milestone in their lives by obtaining their diploma during a very lively ceremony.

The ceremony began with the entrance of graduates accompanied by the anthem “La Dessalinienne”, followed by welcome speeches and the invocation prayer. During this event, Pastor Julio Volcy delivered his speech before the first presentation of certificates.

Pastor Julio Volcy in an inspiring speech captivated the audience with his words of encouragement and hope. He praised the courage, determination and faith of the young people of the 23rd cohort of the Men’s Center, nicknamed “The Chosen”, and the 8th cohort of the Women’s Center, known as “Kyria”.

Pastor Volcy highlighted the challenges Haiti faces, including violence, despair and poverty, while emphasizing that hope remains alive through initiatives like Haiti Teen Challenge. “We see the transformation in the lives of young people who have found the strength to completely change their lives for the cause of good,” he said.

Since its creation in 2011, Haiti Teen Challenge strives to revive hope among young people who are often rejected and marginalized. This ceremony marked a moment of celebration of the resilience and ability of these young people to overcome their personal challenges to become models of positive change in their communities.

Pastor Volcy concluded his speech by renewing his commitment to Haitian youth, affirming that hope can emerge even in the darkest circumstances. “Hope is there, in you, and through you,” he proclaimed, inviting the entire assembly to applaud the graduates for their courage and transformation.

“The Chosen” and “Kyria” cohorts symbolize the light and love that can guide the steps of all towards a better future. This ceremony according to the pastor was a poignant reminder, despite trials, hope and faith can transform lives and offer a new beginning.

For more than 24 months, more than 500 young people were transformed. Formerly given over to debauchery, prostitution, and theft, these young people were rehabilitated by the Rendez-vous Christ church and eventually reintegrated into the community.

l'église Rendez-Vous Christ transforme la vie d’une vingtaine de jeunes

Graduation ceremony: Rendez-Vous Christ church transforms the lives of around twenty young people

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