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Haiti: A dagger in the soul

  • June 1, 2024
  • 2 Min
  • 13

Gotson Pierre

Port-au-Prince, June 1, 2024 [AlterPresse] — People who continue to die or be injured by gang violence exceed 2300 for the first quarter of 2024. Destruction continues.

Port-au-Prince is disfigured under gunfire and fire while those who escape, forget, live like it’s in a horror movie. It’s the living dead. Living mixed with dead.

Look at Vena Wood. After the gang ransacked, chased the morgue downtown, now, in the Impas Laveau area, according to the testimony we got, it’s the corbies parked on the side of the street that serve the morgue. Pieces of ice on human corpses to try to preserve them from the hot sun.

What is life for the survivors?

In addition to people, assets, and dignity, Haiti is about to lose its memory. The memory of history is disintegrating. Memories of life since the dawn of time, space of knowledge, space of culture… It is a dagger taken by Haiti in its soul. [gp apr 01/06/2024 08 :00]