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Haiti: Armed fighting intensifies near the National Palace

  • April 2, 2024
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Agents of the National Palace Security Unit (USGPN) / Photo: Google

Armed clashes between police and armed civilians who want to take control of the National Palace at all costs are increasing in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. In the middle of the day on Tuesday April 2, 2024, the police called on the occupants of Champ-de-Mars to leave the space for the benefit of the police.

THE HAITI FACTOR, April 2, 2024._While the Leaders of Caricom and the Council of Ministers are pushing for the installation of the Presidential Council, the gangs are opposing it and are raising the stakes in Port-au-Prince.

To express their disagreement after being sidelined in the political negotiations for an outcome of the crisis, since yesterday Monday, they have considered taking control of the seat of the presidency.

During yesterday’s attack, Monday, members of the “5 seconds” gang (the “Izo” gang) injured at least 4 police officers and set fire to an armored vehicle of the Haitian National Police.

Police officers stand guard at Champ-de-Mars / Photo: Ayibopot / NB: This is not a photo taken during the riots.

After failing in their attempt thanks to the efforts made by the police, the bandits resumed the attack this Monday, March 2 against the Presidential Palace. Very early on, detonations were heard on the Champ-de-Mars, near the National Palace.

To deviate again, the bandits’ attack plan, police officers aboard several armored vehicles, quickly responded and repelled the attacks.

And, to better confront the gangs in the event of new attacks, the police, using a megaphone, ordered the occupants of Champ-de-Mars to leave the site.

Agents of the National Palace Security Unit USGPN Photo Google

After the evacuation of the internally displaced persons (the homeless), the clashes intensified until 7 o’clock in the evening when automatic weapons detonations were heard. However, it is unknown whether there are casualties on both sides.

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