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Haiti | Blood is still flowing In Pont-Sond, two young assassins and kidnapped residents

  • May 10, 2024
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In the rice fields, while the members of the CPT discuss and compete for positions to consolidate their hold on the structure “made by Caricom”, the “Gran-Grif” gang operating in Petite Rivière-de-l’Artibonite is bloodying the region. An armed attack orchestrated on the night of Friday, May 10 resulted in at least two deaths and several other people were kidnapped, according to civil society organizations in Artibonite.

Bandits from the “Gran-Grif” gang sowed terror in Pont-Sondé and Moreau-Paye, two localities in the Artibonite department. On Friday night, they marched on national road number 1, invaded small houses to execute, kidnap and veil women. The president of the Union of Visionary Planters for the Artibonite Department (SPVDA), René Charles, reports automatic weapon fire which rang out in the Valley for more than 5 hours.

Two citizens have been murdered and several local residents kidnapped. The spokesperson for the Commission for Dialogue, Reconciliation and Awareness to Save the Artibonite, Bertide Horace reports one injured person recorded in the camp of armed civilians from the Jean-Denis coalition which opposes the thugs of “Gran -Griff.” Small houses were also hit by projectiles and car traffic and commercial activities came to a standstill.

The police officers assigned to the “Pat-Chwal” sub-police station found themselves unable to react due to logistical difficulties. According to the leader of the SPVDA, René Charles, the only armored vehicle made available to the police is facing technical breakdowns.

For several weeks, law enforcement officers have been struggling to carry out operations against gangs in the Valley. In the meantime, Savien’s criminals plan to carry out attacks in the town of Saint-Marc in order to disturb the public peace and intensify the violence. Residents who fear the worst alert the police authorities in the department.

Hervé Noel
[email protected]