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Haiti | Court of Auditors: bandits play policeman and thief with the PNH

  • May 18, 2024
  • 3 Min
  • 15

The Haitian National Police (PNH) refuses to demonstrate a constant presence in the environment of the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSC/CA), in downtown Port-au-Prince. A profitable situation for armed gangs holed up in abandoned houses to attack state symbols, deplores the president of the CSC/CA, Rogavil Boisguené.

Surveillance equipment including cameras, televisions, monitors were taken away by bandits who attacked the premises of the Court of Auditors, on Rue de la Réunion, on the evening of Thursday, May 16, reports its president Me Rogavil Boisguéné . Judge Boisguéné emphasizes that the thugs are on their umpteenth attempt to take control of the building.

Calls made to the police authorities did not allow the police to control the situation. Even before the police arrived, the thugs had time to escape, regrets the number one of the CSC/CA. At the same time, the Advisor mentioned the situation of several other buildings neighboring the Court vandalized by bandits. The temple of the Adventist Church, the Palace of Ministries are among the institutions ransacked and looted by the gangs.

For the moment, the police presence appears to be insignificant in the area. The bandits play cop and thief with the PNH. Entrenched in abandoned spaces, criminals take advantage of the interlude of absence of law enforcement agents to target state symbols and private property.

Hervé Noël
[email protected]