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Haiti-Crise: The administrative framework of the Presidential Transitional Council soon to be finalized, according to the Opl political party

  • March 25, 2024
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P-to-P, March 25, 2024 [AlterPresse] — The administrative framework, relating to the operating mechanisms of the Presidential Transitional Council, would be almost finalized, indicates to the AlterPresse/AlterRadio platform, Danio Syriac, spokesperson for the political party Organization of the People in Struggle (Opl), member of the Collective (of 8 political parties) having signed the declaration of Monday January 30, 2023.

Discussions at this level are at a very advanced stage, even if there is not yet a date set for the installation of the Presidential Transitional Council, Syriac said, in a special interview broadcast on AlterRadio 106.1 Fm and various other Internet platforms, and followed by the online agency AlterPresse.

The members of the Presidential Transitional Council have begun to find common ground around the operating mechanisms of the said structure, welcomes the Opl political party.

Discussions on the administrative framework, currently being completed, also focused on the lifestyle of the members of the said Council, which must be consistent with the reality of the country lacking resources.

It was also decided to have a definitive president, surrounded by other members of the Council to manage the transition.

Widely discussed, a rotating presidency every three months was rejected, adds the Opl political party.

Prime ministers and other ministers, who will be part of the next transitional government, must prioritize patriotism and a sense of service to the nation more than anything else, emphasizes Danio Syriac.

After the work on the operating mechanisms of the Presidential Transitional Council as well as the modalities for designating the Prime Minister and other ministers to be part of the government, a road map will follow, in other words a governance guide for the Prime Minister and government ministers, he announces.

Contrary to the wishes of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), the members of the Presidential Transitional Council stressed the need for the installation of the Presidential Council even before the appointment of a Prime Minister and a President, reports the spokesperson of the political party Opl.

With and without the presence of Caricom, several meetings are planned shortly between the members of the Council with a view to the establishment of the Presidential Transitional Council.

Smith Augustin replaces Dominique Dupuy

After the withdrawal of Dominique Dupuy, the political coalition Democratic Resistance/Engaged for Development (Ede) and historic compromise looked, from Sunday March 24, 2024, on the choice of a new representative to the next Presidential Transitional Council, in the person of Smith Augustin, former ambassador of Haiti to the Dominican Republic..

The information was confirmed by the person concerned for AlterPresse.

Unfounded political threats and attacks allegedly pushed Ambassador Dominique Dupuypermanent delegate of Haiti to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to refuse to sit on the Presidential Transitional Council.

Reforms already envisaged by the Presidential Transitional Council

In order to address the problems more seriously, Council members hope to reach an agreement possibly facilitating reforms to the political system before the next elections, reveals the Opl political party.

One of the reforms should take into account the problem of the plurality of political parties in Haiti.

On the security front, the Presidential Transitional Council plans to provide the country with a more inclusive agreement, which could enable political and social pacification in the country.

No amnesty, but a quest for justice

Members of the Presidential Transitional Council pleaded for a quest for justice for the benefit of the thousands of victims of atrocities and massacres in the country.

“Society has been the victim of multiple atrocities for a long time. There is a quest for social justice, which resonates throughout the country. The victims of massacres are looking for justice,” insists the Opl political party.

After the violent attacks perpetrated since Thursday February 29, 2024, by armed gangs, who demanded the resignation of de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry, against strategic sites, such as Port-au-Prince international airportformer police officer Guy Philippe suggested that he would be ready to implement an amnesty program for gang leaders in Haiti, “once he becomes president”, in an interview given to the Reuters agency.

Guy Philippe declares that he advocates a so-called “peaceful” “revolution”.

It is on Thursday November 30, 2023 that the former police officer, Guy Philippe, 55 years old (born February 29, 1968), was deported to Haition board a flight with more than a dozen other people.

He served a 6-year prison sentence in the United States of America for money laundering linked to illicit drug traffickingafter his arrest in Pétionville on Thursday January 5, 2017.

Any new power must pose the problem of armed gangs in Haitiestimated the political party Grand Rally for the Evolution of Haiti (Greh), member of the collective of January 30, 2023, in a special interview broadcast on AlterRadio 106.1 Fm and various other Internet platforms.

For his part, the former holder (March 24, 1999 – March 2, 2001) of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (Mjsp), Me. Camille Leblanc, advocated disarming the armed gangs, which sow terror in Haitiand to judge them for their actions, in another special interview on AlterPresse and AlterRadio. [emb rc apr 25/03/2024 12:15].