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Haiti-Crisis: Ren Jean-Jumeau withdraws from the Presidential Transitional Council

  • March 26, 2024
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P-au-P., March 26, 2024 [AlterPresse] — René Jean-Jumeau, representative of the Rassemblement pour une Entente Nationale (REN) group, as an observer, withdrew from this entity, called to take the reins of the country following the resignation of the de facto prime minister Ariel Henry, AlterPresse learns.

The agency publishes its withdrawal letter, addressed to members of the Council.

To the Members of the Presidential Council in training

Port-au-Prince, March 25, 2024

Dear colleagues of the Presidential Council,

I sincerely regret having to withdraw from the role that was proposed to the Rassemblement pour une Entente Nationale (REN) group as an observer within the Council. I am fully aware of the value of this position, however, in the current context, I feel it is best for me not to accept this role. For the humble follower of technology that I am, the need for concrete action is too strong to remain helpless in the posture of spectator. The REN will certainly take care to appoint a representative better suited to this role.

From the beginning, I have always expressed my position clearly, both within the REN and during discussions in the Council, as well as in dialogue with international mediators. Despite this, faced with the work to be done as part of the preparation of the myriad documents and tools to be prepared for the establishment of a process capable of validly serving the population, my commitment and dedication have always been total, and I never tried to hinder the process, working with you almost non-stop day in and day out. My intention has never been to exclude anyone, but rather to present a plea for the REN to play an active role, on behalf and for the benefit of the largest and most vulnerable members of our population.

I was honored to have collaborated with all of you. I greatly appreciated your wisdom, your friendliness, and your real desire for collaboration. Despite your differences, I have only ever seen justified substantive debates and reasonable compromises between you during our very intense work sessions. It is therefore with real regret that I take the decision to withdraw from the Council, as I previously announced. I sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to cooperate again in the future, under circumstances more conducive to active collaboration.

Like all citizens of Haiti, I am counting on your great abilities to successfully lead the struggles necessary for the pacification and recovery of our dear Nation. Good luck and good work.

Patriotically yours,

René Jean-Jumeau

Representative on the REN Presidential Council/Interfaith Institutions

[apr 26/03/2024 07 :00]