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Haiti – FLASH: Gangs take control of the General Hospital

  • April 3, 2024
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Haiti – FLASH: Gangs take control of the General Hospital
03/04/2024 09:10:00

Monday April 1, 2024, the General Hospital of Port-au-Prince, the largest hospital center in Haiti, fell under the control of armed individuals led by former police officer Jimmy Cherizier, alias “Barbecue”. This infrastructure now occupied by armed men, without faith or law, serves as their General Quarters and as a base for attacking the National Palace, now carrying fire…

The Police try to repel them, but the task is complex given the strategic position that the bandits occupy in relation to the Presidential Palace.

According to available information, several areas of the hospital were looted and vandalized.

This occupation of the General Hospital prevents medical assistance from reaching citizens in need, leaving thousands of patients without care…


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